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Woodlot Certification

Forest certification is gradually becoming more commonplace throughout the Maritimes and around the world. Certification was developed as a means to allow people to choose forest products coming from well-managed forests, thereby helping to promote responsible forestry, and giving recognition to those who take good care of their woodlands.

There are several benefits to joining our woodlot certification program:

  • You receive a low cost forest management plan for your woodlot, based on your objectives, written to a high standard, by a forest professional. Your management plan will incude a detailed inventory of your woodlot identifying potential silvicultural and harvest treatments.
  • A forest professional will periodically monitor harvesting and silviculture activities on your woodlot to ensure they comply with the certification standard. FNSWO will maintain all  certification related documentation, required to administer the certification.
  • You will have access to dedicated silviculture funding for Certified Woodlots, woodlot owner training courses, field events, and the opportunity to meet like –minded individuals who care about responsible forest management.
  • A woodlot management plan will help you qualify for the Intergenerational Tax Transfer program and will allow your provincial property tax classifiication as "Forest Resource" resulting in a lower tax rate for your property.
  • You will have the potential for increased revenues from the sale of certified wood products and access to unique markets.



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