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Pat and Janet O'Toole, Carroll's Corner, Halifax County

My son was interested in taking over my woodlot so I joined the Federation to take advantage of the intergenerational transfer. I received a management plan and the foresters shared their ideas and expertise. They are quick to answer questions or refer me to someone who can help. I’ve met like-minded people and have made valuable contacts in the forest industry. I hosted a mentorship tour on my woodlot where I had a chance to share my experience with other woodlot owners. By sharing what we know, everyone benefits!

Don Munroe, Viewmount, Kings County

Since having an FSC Woodlot management plan prepared by you in 2012 on my 240 acre forest; I have been impressed by the follow-ups carried out in putting the plan into practice.  I have been able to carry out 3 uneven aged treatments in the past three years on close to 5 hectares.  The stand improvements in these sites is particularly noticeable after the work is complete; not to mention the value in fuel wood produced and saw logs for portable milling and construction projects.  Many of the longer aged species of trees are promoted in these treatments that are part of the Acadian Forest. I have found your guidance and advice invaluable and helpful in carrying out these forest treatments and enjoy your visits to set up these projects.  My hope is that the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners is able to promote the continued success of this forest management program. This is a valuable investment small woodlot owners are making to improve Nova Scotia’s woodland resource for future generations and help from the FNSWO is much appreciated.  Regards and thank you.

Alan Peveril, Lapland, Queens County

I joined the Federation a number of years ago and placed my woodlot in the certification program. The Federation gives me a stronger voice to deal with government and industry on issues that affect private woodlands. The silviculture funding for certified woodlots and the price bonus paid by some mills are examples. The chance to network with other woodlot owners and Federation staff is a real plus.

Michael Warner, Bloomfield Rd. Digby County

Hi to the future members of the FNSWO, As a member of the Federation Of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners since 2011 it has been an experience worth participating in. I have an updated woodlot management plan, CSA certified and soon to be FSC certified all with the help of the program, many thanks to Tom Berry. We have had a woodlot demo field day here in 2012 with participation from many other woodlot owners plus another field day in conjunction with the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute. There is advice when ever needed, workshops that can be attended and just a good way to stay in touch with other people who are interested in the same important values about your woodlot as you are. There is an annual membership fee that has easily been repaid in silviculture funding over the years with many types of treatments being eligible in the program. Overall I believe being a member has been a plus for our woodlot. 

Robert Mitchell, Eastern Passage, Halifax County

I have recently signed my Second CSA management plan.  The first plan focused on access, thinning, planting, clearing and cleaning.  27 years later, with this new CSA  plan I am starting to harvest high quality wood and have been told by harvesters, truckers, CSA inspectors that you can really tell where the work has been done vs. natural untouched regeneration. I could not do this alone.  The assistance from FNSWO, the group management plan, and all those involved have allowed us to create a tree farm that I am proud to show off, rather than the high graded, bug damaged woodlot that I had inherited.

Sandy Manley, Truro, Colchester County

Five Islands Forest Development Ltd. has been involved with the Woodlot Certification program of the FNSWO since 2009. We currently have four woodlots and over 600 ha under management. From development of the initial forest management plan to access to silviculture funding to technical support, our experience has been very positive. May the Program and benefits to the forest and all associated continue. Sandy Manley, RPF President, Five Islands Ltd.

Paul J. McDonald, Perotte, Annapolis Co.

A few words about the certification program; I'm really happy about my involvement with the FSC and FNSWO. The knowledge I have gained and the advice I have gotten is first rate and has help me reach some of my personal goals for my woodlot. The plan and the treatments are just what my woodlot needed to become sustainable. The courses, field trips, and professional advice has helped me to overcome some of the stumbling blocks that small woodlot owners and operators encounter. This service that was once offered by the province has been missed.  I feel that has been replaced by this much-improved program. I recommend that woodlot owner take advantage of this program and have a look at membership in FNSWO.


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