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Woodlot Certification


FSC®  and CSA Auditing

Once a year, the FNSWO Certification Program is subject to an external review by an accredited independent auditing group. Trained forestry consultants (auditors) travel to Nova Scotia to examine a sample group of our members woodlots and their managment practices. Program records and administrative procedures are rigorously verified. Our conformance to Forest Certification principles is evaluated and deficiencies are identified and addressed through Non Conformity Reports (NCRs) and Opportunities for Improvement (OFIs). FNSWO must correct any deficiencies in a timely manner to meet the Forest Certification standard and maintain our Certificates of Registration.

The auditing process allows for continual program improvement and a constant evolution of management plan development and our woodlot monitoring program. FSC and CSA programs are subject to separate audits. In 2014 the audit was carried out by QMI-SAI Global.  Past Certification audit reports can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate program and year below:


Forest Stewardship Council SLIMF
Audit Reports

Canadian Standards Association CSA Z804
Audit Reports

FSC 2015 Audit Report CSA 2015 Audit Report
FSC 2014 Audit Report CSA 2014 Audit Report
FSC 2013 Audit Report CSA 2013 Audit Report
FSC 2012 Audit Report  CSA 2012 Audit Report
FSC 2011 Audit Report CSA 2011 Audit Report
FSC 2016 Audit Report CSA 2010 Audit Report


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