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Holiday Update from the Executive Director

December 10 2014

Seasons greetings everyone !

Did you know that during this Christmas season roughly 1200 Nova Scotia families will produce an estimated 1.3 million balsam fir Christmas trees on 30,000 acres of land? Real trees provide not only beauty and fragrance for your home, but habitat for wildlife, environmental benefits and thousands of jobs for rural Nova Scotians. I hope you will be part of the tradition – and chose a real tree this Christmas!

We have some positive news for members of our certification program who are pulpwood suppliers to Port Hawkesbury Paper. PHP has agreed to pay a bonus of $1.00 per tonne for wood deliveries from FNSWO certified woodlots. The bonus is equivalent to approximately $30.00 per tractor-trailer load of pulpwood and represents an important recognition of our certified owners and the woodlot management activities they carry out. Many of our local mills recognize the value of forest certification and good forest management; we believe it is just a matter of time until all consumers of forest products reflect this in price. Thanks to PHP for recognizing the efforts of our members and our certification program. For further information on the PHP bonus please contact our office.

Social media is an increasingly important form of communication for many of us and is especially relevant to the younger generation who will soon be taking over the stewardship of our family owned woodlots. With this in mind, we are busily preparing for the launch of our new and improved Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners website. Our new website will provide valuable online resources for woodlot owners; an up to date wood market report, current silviculture funding information, assistance in locating harvesting and silviculture contractors, and important updates on our Certification and silviculture programs. Until the official launch of our new website in March, be sure to visit our recently created FNSWO Facebook page. Here, you will find posted current forestry news, and upcoming woodlot owner events. Please, take a few minutes, go online and check us out on Facebook! Feel free to “Friend Us”…”Like us”, “comment” on our posted articles and spread the word of our online presence. We can never have 2 many friends and contacts in our personal and professional circles.

As part of our Woodlot Management Mentorship Program and in partnership with NSWOOA and MTRI, the Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners will be hosting a woodlot owner field day at Pat and Janet O’Toole’s family woodlot near Carroll’s Corner, Halifax County. Past Woodlot Owners of the Year, Pat and Janet practice a variety of selection management techniques on their CSA Certified woodlot. The couple sells spruce and hemlock logs to local sawmills, harvest firewood for their own use and manage 1200 taps in their red-maple syrup operation. You will also tour a beautiful cabin and sugar shack that Pat built with his own hands. With a little luck, we’ll catch the beginning of the sap run and participants will be able to sample Pat and Janet’s Red maple syrup…which is apparently darker than sugar maple syrup and according to one expert source even “more delicious". The field day is tentatively scheduled for February 28. For further details and to register please contact our office.

On Behalf of our Board of Directors, Have a wonderful Christmas Season and best wishes for 2015!

John MacDougall
Executive Director, Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners


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