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Stacie Carroll

Executive Director

Stacie comes to the Federation as a professional Silviculturist, a successful entrepreneur and an enthusiastic rural community liaison. She is a woodland owner who believes that forest sustainability comes from multi-use forests and also understands how the industrial forestry model currently benefits the Nova Scotian economy. Since 1998 she has called the forest her office, working in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia. Beginning her own Silviculture contracting business in Nova Scotia in 2011, she has been able to fine tune her trade skills, continue to create healthy forests and work towards woodlot sustainability. Her passion lies in working with woodland owners to identify their individual objectives, offering opportunity to landowners to collaboratively attain their targets while creating a network in which shared learning and resources benefit everyone across the sector.

Walton, Hants Co.  N.S.  Email: stacie@fnswo.ca

Phone: 1-844-966-3568   Ext. 0

Scott Maston

Certification Program Coordinator

Born and raised in Amherst, NS, Scott obtained his Bachelor of Science in Forestry from UNB in 1987. Since that time, he has been working with private woodlot owners throughout the province, first with a Group Venture in Pictou County (1987-1994) and since 1994 as co-owner of Century Forestry Consultants Ltd.. Scott is actively involved in managing Century’s own woodland as well as the woodlands of numerous new and long-term clients.  He has been working with FNSWO for the past 5 years doing contract management plans, monitoring and assisting with field audits.

Email: Scott@fnswo.ca

Phone: 1-844-966-3568   Ext. 1

Wanda Hamilton

Administrative Assistant

Brookfield, Nova Scotia Email: info@fnswo.ca


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Phone Toll Free 1-844-WOOD-LOT (1-844-966-3568)

Email: info@fnswo.ca

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