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FNSWO professional staff report to a nine member Board of Directors that oversee the activities of the Federation. 

Our board of Directors operates on a consensus basis and strives to reflect the ownership and diversity of Nova Scotia ‘s woodlot owners. To ensure that woodland owners from all parts of Nova Scotia are represented, directors are elected by region. Members from each region (Eastern, Western, Central) elect three directors to the board.

Jim Crooker

Director / Western Region

Jim attended the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and MacDonald College of McGill University and graduated with a B.Sc in Agriculture. After working three years with the Canada Department of Agriculture he completed a B.Ed from Dalhousie University and M.Ed. from St. Marys University. Jim taught high school in Queens County for many years and since retirement has focused on managing his family farm and woodland in South Brookfield, becoming Western Region Woodlot Owner of the Year in 2012.  Jim has also been involved with the N.Q. Ground Search and Rescue and have served on the Board of Directors of the Lunenburg, Queens Federation of Agriculture.

6685 Hwy 208, RR #1 South Brookfield, NS. B0T 1X0 Home (902) 682-2211 Email:  Jim@fnswo.ca

Terry Pearson

Director / Western Region

Terry was present at the founding of the Federation and has been a member of the Board since 2006, serving for two years of that period as Chairman. He served a two-year term as private woodlot owner representative on the Nova Scotia Primary Forest Products Marketing Board. Before retirement, he was a mathematics teacher for 37 years. His first harvesting operation took place when he was twelve years old, when he and his father went into the woods to supplement the family income. Terry says he has watched the forest industry transform "from felling axe to feller-buncher". He lives near Wolfville with his wife Linda.
Terry Pearson, 690, Ridge Road, Wolfville, NS. B4P2R1  (902) 542-9381 Email: tlpearson@EastLink.ca

Mike Gillis, Chairman

Director / Eastern Region

Mike is the Manager of Baddeck Valley Wood Producers (BVWP) where he
has worked since he graduated from UNB Forestry and Environmental
Management Program in 1986.  BVWP provides forest management
consulting, silviculture and harvesting on private and crown land.
Firewood makes up a large component of their business. BVWP is also
a partner in the Cape Breton Privateland Partnership. Mike lives in Baddeck with his wife and has 2 grown children.

RR # Baddeck NS. B0E 1B0 Home: (902) 295-3256 Mobile: (902) 295-3218  Email: Mike@fnswo.ca

Mike Penny, Secretary-Treasurer

Director / Eastern Region

In late summer near Lochaber Lake, Antigonish County, you will most likely find Mike busily shearing his way through 40 acres of Christmas trees on his 205 acre woodlot. Through the ups and downs of the Christmas tree market Mike has stuck with it and has enjoyed the financial benefits of his careful management. Due to his hard work and dedication, Mike was awarded the Nova Scotia, 2012 Eastern Region Woodlot Owner of the Year Award. He is an active member of the forest community sitting on the board of directors of the FNSWO, with memberhip in the Northeastern Christmas Tree Association and Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia. 

199 Linwood, RR# 2 Antigonish NS. B0H 1T0 Home (902) 232-2835 Email: mary.penny@ns.sympatico.ca

John Theriault

Director / Western Region

John  is the Woodlands Manager for A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.  The Theriault family has been involved in woodland operations for 5 generations in Nova Scotia including the supply of timber products for the family shipyard in Meteghan River.  John has been actively involved in the family business his entire life and is directly involved in the management and operation of the family saw mill as well as managing two (2) FSC Certified woodlots in Digby Co, NS.  Apart from the business side of managing the woodland operations, John also enjoys all aspects of wilderness leisure activities, applying the knowledge gained from both business and personal experiences to improve sustainable forestry 

9027 Hwy 1, Box 10, Meteghan River Office (902) 645-2327, Cell (902) 769-8221 Email: john@aft.ns.ca

David Wilson

Director / Eastern Region

After a 37 year career flying in the air force Dave spent the next six summers flying aerial tankers with Forest Protection Ltd in New Brunswick. During that period he was privileged to work with fire suppression agencies in NB, the North Western United States and British Columbia.

Having always had an interest in the woods he and his wife Penny bought an old farm in Marshdale, Pictou County in 2005 where he already had a couple of small inherited woodlots. On taking up residence he joined FNSWO and had a forestry plan prepared.

He now is involved with Eastern Air Services in Trenton, a small charter company that among other services, works with Nortek industries flying aerial photo surveys of forest resources. When not doing that he spends every opportunity in the woodlots or working the Norwood saw mill he shares with his brother-in-law.

Marshdale, Pictou Co., NS.  (902) 923-2990 Email: davidwilson@ns.sympatico.ca

David Fraser

Director / Central Region

Bio coming soon

380 Hwy 214, Elmsdale, NS. B2S 2L7 (902)-883-2301

Email: dofraser@ns.sympatico.ca

John Roblee, Vice Chairman

Director / Central Region

John was a founding member of North Nova Forest Owners Co-op, Forest Group Venture Association of Nova Scotia, Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners and the Canadian Federation of Woodlot Owners. He has served as a member of Forest Products Association of Nova Scotia, Association of Sustainable Forestry and Nova Forest Alliance. At present he is Vice - Chairman of the Federation and owns and operates a sucessful retail business in Amherst, NS. John was recently honoured with an induction into the Nova Scotia Forestry Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to forestry and work on behalf of woodlot owners.

1215 Hansford Road, RR# 2, Oxford, NS. B0M 1P0 Work (902) 661-4464 Home (902) 447-3034 Email: hunterinteriors@ns.sympatico.ca

George Dempsey

Director / Central Region

George is a certified forest technician and licensed wood product scaler with over 35 years experience. George is the owner and operator of New Wave Forestry a local company specilaizing in low impact forestry for the past 16 years. George also served as the manager of the Future Forestry Serv Co-op for 14 years and has worked for the Department of Natural Resources in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. In 2013 George was honoured with the Forest Technican of the Year Award  for Nova Scotia.

P.O. Box 58, Thorburn, Pictou Co. NS. B0K 1WO  Home (902) 922-2126

Email: georgedempsey@eastlink.ca


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